What's Coming: Week of Feb 1, 2021

Happy February, members! Is the sun shining a little brighter and feeling a little warmer in your corner of the world? At Fast Talk Laboratories world HQ, we’re gaining 2 minutes of sunshine every day.

Here’s what’s new for members this week.

Fast Talk 149: Q&A on Junior Athletes, PVCs, Supplements, and Base Rides, with Daniel Matheny

Cycling in Alignment Episode 37: Training in Alignment
How much training is too much? Where is the drop-off in terms of time spent training and race-day results?


How Steady Should Your Long Slow Distance Rides Be?
Workshop by Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor

How to Determine Your Cardiovascular Drift
Workshop by Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor
Following Fast Talk episode 146 on Cardiovascular Drift with Dr. Ed Coyle 1, we show athletes how to find their own drift using workout data.


Batman Intervals
Structured Workout by Ryan Kohler
This Batman Threshold Intervals workout will help riders get better at riding comfortably at variable intensities, paces, and lactate levels. Bonus: You’ll draw a sweet workout chart!

Q&A with Coach Grant Holicky
A Live Q&A session recording with Grant Holicky of Forever Endurance.

Recovery/Technique Ride on Zoom
Enjoy an easier ride after several weeks of harder structured interval sessions. We discuss the importance of the easy ride and highlight a method to maintain focus on your ride while improving technique.

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