What's Coming: Week of Dec 21, 2020

Hello, Fast Talk Laboratories members!

Happy holidays to all! We hope you get some quality time with family. And if you need a break, just lock the door, open your laptop, and enjoy these new stories coming from the Lab this week:


Fast Talk Episode 143: Yoga & Stretching with Sage Rountree

Cycling in Alignment Episode 32: Unpopular Opinions
Wherein Colby gets something off his chest.


Exploring the Relationship Between Muscle Fiber Type, HIT, and Overtraining
Article by Dr. Stephen Cheung
Dr. Cheung discusses new research that explores the relationship between muscle fiber-type density, high-intensity training, and an athlete’s risk for overtraining.

Winter Preparation for Spring Training
Article by Trevor Connor
The winter months aren’t for going fast, but for preparing the body for the real training to come this spring.

Make the Boat Go Faster: 150 Years of Rowing Research
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Seiler
Dr. Stephen Seiler surveys 150 years of competitive rowing data to show that, from 1829, rowers have set linear speed improvements of about 2-3 percent per decade. But why?


How to Set Up Your Bike Computer
Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor share how to best set up your bike computer head unit with screenshots, button configs, and more.

Neuromuscular Workout: Big Gear Standing Starts
Led by Head Coach Ryan Kohler
This workout focuses on acceleration, good form, and a strong leg drive to help build muscle strength and power.

Structured Live Workout (Zwift + Zoom): Tempo Intervals
12/22 at 12pm Mountain
Led by Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor
Following up on our base training focus with baseline testing and neuromuscular/technique work the last few weeks, we will begin applying these principles to some moderate intensity intervals. These tempo intervals will be done with a lower cadence to allow us to work on technique, focus on our force production at the pedals, and work on muscular endurance. Heart rate will be a focus as we aim for steady and repeatable efforts. Join us on Zwift or the platform of your choice and download the workout file to use with your preferred training app.