What’s Coming: Week of Jan 25, 2021

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Here is a preview of what’s coming your way this week.

We’ll have more video content for Live Members very soon. Our new video producer has just moved to Boulder, and so we’ll have a few days lag time while he gets set up.


Fast Talk Episode 148: Concussions and Traumatic Brain Injuries

Cycling in Alignment Episode 36: Understanding Functional Challenges of Time Trial Positioning
Riding in a time trial position brings an increased functional load compared to road riding. Colby explores the key components of effective time trial positions.


How to Optimize the Coach-Athlete Relationship
Article by Coach Julie Young
Every athlete of any ability level can benefit from the guidance of a good coach. We explore the coach-athlete relationship, and offer advice on how to reap the greatest rewards from working with a coach.

Fast-Start vs. Steady Intervals
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Cheung
Not all intervals are created equal. The design of those intervals can determine how much benefit or training stimulus you receive, particularly when it comes to how steady they are—or conversely, how fast you start before tapering to a desired level. In this workshop, Dr. Cheung examines new research that looks at these so-called “fast-start” intervals.

How to Find Your Carviovascular Drift
Workshop by Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Coach Trevor Connor
Following Fast Talk episode 146 on Cardiovascular Drift with Dr. Ed Coyle, we show athletes how to find their own drift using workout data.

If Dr. Stephen Seiler Were Your Dad, How Would You Train? Part 1
If your dad were a world-class exercise physiologist like, say, Dr. Stephen Seiler, how would you train? Probably pretty effectively. In this case study of one, Dr. Seiler chats with his daughter and runner, Siren, to review her career and training methods.


Your Winter Guide to Indoor Cycling
Webinar by Dr. Stephen Cheung
Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor host Dr. Cheung to explore his guidance on winter heat management, cross-training, adaptive differences with indoor and outdoor workouts, and what to do with those “nice” winter days that allow you to sneak outdoors every once in a while.

Batman Threshold Intervals
Structured Workout by Ryan Kohler
This Batman Threshold Intervals workout will help riders get better at riding comfortably at variable intensities, paces, and lactate levels. Bonus: You’ll draw a sweet workout chart!