Weight Lifting and ANS: how to program

I’m just getting familiar with the polarized method and it’s value of increasing adaption through reduction of autonomic stress (staying in Z1 of three zone model). I’m trying to work in the 80/20 approach to my training but having a hard time understand when is the best time to lift weights as I’m sure they cause a certain autonomic “load.” I don’t want to lose my recovery gains by lifting on the recovery / long slow days but also don’t want to go over the top by lifting on my interval days (not to mention I’m already gassed and can’t imagine also tacking a lift to the intervals).

What is the right balance? What might a weekly program look like? Can I lift upper body versus lower to reduce autonomic “load”?


You might want to check out Derek Teel and his Dialed Health podcast and website. Great info there regarding strength training for cyclist. I think he may have been on a Fast Talk podcast a couple of years ago, not sure. Menachem Brodie also has some good content on the Pez Cycling site. I know he was on Fast Talk some years back. Off bike gym work is the key to resilience for sure.