Using Lactate to specify intervals

First time posting here. I am using INSCYD now to coach my one to one athletes. I have previously used WKO5 and use testing / training data to set training zones. I have not previously had the specificity of looking at lactate accumulation and recovery. I am curious if any of you have suggestions for articles / books that I can better my ability to understand how really use this technology to it’s fullest! Thanks.

INSCYD has alot of videos and aticles available to coaches in their help center once you have logged in. Specifically for creating intervals to increase VlaMax, in that section search intervals it some info about how to create inidviudual interval programs. If you just want info on lactacte accumulation or VLamax that is in there too and as you know the test shows what thier current VLamax is and then it is a matter of determining if that needs to be raised, lowered at maintained based on thier event/race calendar and what those event/races are. Hope this helps.

I will dig further into their help centre for those articles. I think I have some work to do to understand the wealth of information that exists and that I am not tapping into. Thanks for pointing it out!