USA Cycling Partners with Fast Talk Laboratories and Joe Friel


Fast Talk Labs members, we are pleased to share an announcement of our new partnership with USA Cycling and coach Joe Friel!

USA Cycling and Fast Talk Laboratories have announced a new partnership to improve cycling coach development and education. Through this partnership, all active USA Cycling licensed coaches get free access to Fast Talk Laboratories and its growing knowledgebase that includes hundreds of how-to guides, articles, videos, and podcast episodes on training, coaching, sports nutrition, physiology, recovery, and sport psychology.

Featured in this library is “The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel,” an all-new online learning experience from the world-recognized cycling and triathlon coach.

In his new resource, Friel lays out the ultimate guide to becoming a better, more successful, and happier coach. Drawing from his 40-year career as the world’s most trusted personal cycling and triathlon coach, Friel shares the lessons he learned about athlete performance, the athlete-coach relationship, mastering the business side—and how to make coaching more rewarding.

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Just listened to the Fast Talk Episode 202: The History of Endurance Coaching with Joe Friel and this sounds great! I have found very little out there on running a profitable coaching business and as per Joe Friel, I have made many mistakes in the past also! Trying to access it but says I am only a Library member ($60 annually) and need to be coaching essential ($120 annually) but I paid $239 last year for my membership! Does anyone else have this issue?

Hi rideharder,

That is correct. We are restricting most coaching content for our new coaching member levels. And we have also just drastically lowered our pricing on our Library Member level from $239.40 per year to $60 per year.

If you were a member when we discontinued our Live Member Level, you will remember that it is very important to us that we treat our members fairly.

In the next few days, we will announce an option for current Library Members to upgrade to our new Coaching Essentials Member Level OR to extend their Library Membership at no additional cost. We will prorate both memberships so that annual Library Members who paid $239.40 will get an equivalent value at our new pricing level.

For example, if you joined yesterday as an annual Library Member, we will offer you the chance to upgrade to Coaching Essentials for 2 years at no additional charge OR you could keep your Library Membership and we would extend it to 4 years instead of 1 year.

Coaching Essentials includes The Craft of Coaching (and other coaching-related support like live online events). Library Membership does not. We will not be screening for coaching certifications, though. We know many coaches who are legitimate coaches yet who do not hold a federation license. We still think they are coaches and would benefit from our coaching support program.

This offer will be prorated by the month, which means there’s quite a bit of math to do here, which is why we have not yet announced this offer to Library Members. (We’re also taking a recovery week after a very long “training block” of work to release our USA Cycling partnership and The Craft of Coaching.)

So sit tight and keep riding with us! We will make sure everyone enjoys a fair deal with Fast Talk Labs.

Please let me know if you have any questions here, and I will answer publicly to help others who may be wondering the same.

Dave Trendler
Chief Marketing Officer
Fast Talk Laboratories


We are pleased to share open-access video recordings of the 2022 USA Cycling Coaching Summit!

On February 4, 2022, USA Cycling hosted its 2022 Coaching Summit at the Fast Talk Laboratories headquarters in Boulder, Colorado.

The full-length, 2 hour 43-minute summit recording is presented above. Fast Talk Labs has also made available individual speaker presentations.

USA Cycling Coaches: Please note that USA Cycling is granting 20 CEUs for watching the summit if you also complete their post-summit survey/form. (We’ll post that link for your convenience as soon as we can.)

This summit featured presentations from:

  • Brendan Quirk, CEO of USA Cycling
  • Jim Miller, Chief of Sport Performance of USA Cycling
  • Jim Miller and Fast Talk Labs CEO Trevor Connor (@trevor), who announce USA Cycling’s new partnership with Fast Talk Laboratories and coach Joe Friel
  • Joe Friel’s (@JFRIEL) keynote presentation on The Art & Craft of Coaching Athletes, which introduces themes of his new online learning experience, The Craft of Coaching.

Dave Trendler
Chief Marketing Officer
Fast Talk Laboratories

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Hi USA Cycling Coaches,

USA Cycling is offering 20 FREE CEUs for watching the full Coaching Summit video recording and completing this questionnaire.