Updated: 4x4 and 5x8 Interval Workout Files

Hello, Library Members!

We have just updated our 4x8 and 5x5 minute interval workout files that are companions to the 4x8-Minute Interval Execution and 5x5-Minute Interval Execution workshops.

Now included in these updated workout download files are more file formats:

  • .FIT - for any platforms that use .fit file formats
  • .ZWO – for Zwift
  • .ERG – for TrainerRoad and others that need that extension
  • .MRC – for TrainerRoad, Computrainer, and any others that need this extension

If you downloaded the workout files in the past, you may want revisit these now to get these new and improved workout files:

4x8-Minute Interval Execution

5x5-Minute Interval Execution