Try PowerWatts FREE for 2 Months

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Over the past few months, Trevor, Ryan, and Chris have had many conversations with cycling start-ups. Among those are many virtual cycling and indoor cycling start-ups that coronavirus has given a boost.

One of those start-ups really stood out to us: PowerWatts is doing indoor cycling the right way. They offer a service of on-demand, video-coached solo workouts from a library and also live, coach-guided workouts. Think of PowerWatts as a virtual cycling class but offering superior training methodology and real cycling coaches.

In our tests, the PowerWatts interface was smooth and comprehensive and their robust library of workouts would impress any indoor cyclist.

We are pleased to have arranged a special offer for Fast Talk Laboratories members: Try PowerWatts FREE for 2 months.

There are two levels of service:

  1. PowerWatts Online training: These are on-demand, video-coached solo workouts provided from a library. Fast Talk Labs members can enjoy these FREE for 2 months.

  2. Live Classes: These are priced individually, but Fast Talk Labs members can try out 3 Live Classes FREE.

Try PowerWatts for 2 Months Free.