Threshold TTE and LBP

Many people have Threshold TTEs between 35-50 min.
With focused, extensive threshold training (building TIZ) it is possible to extend our TTE to the 60-70min + range. The ability to extend TTE presumably is due to improved aerobic capabilities.

How does this relate to intensities below threshold?
LBP (Lactate Balance Point)?

My understanding is that to improve these two values you need to push them up from below. Can we pull them up with extensive threshold work?

Hello @shawnfife hope you are well.

I have a number of athletes in that very range, but also a few that sit around 1h03m to 1h17m at 305-315w ftp. Those athletes have LT1 around 215-225, LBP 245-260 (depending on whether they are about to race or just in training phase) mFTP around 310-335w.

I got there by always training the endurance in the 2-3h range 10-15w below LT1, if it was 4-5h it was LT1 as a ceiling on climbs, goal NP for the ride 165-180w depending on how they feel. The shorter usually road or gravel, the longer road or gravel or mtb.

Training the tempo at 235-250w, so below LBP 15-20w

Some lactate shuttle work just below LBP to just below mFTP, so like 5m 10-20w below mFTP 10m 10-15w below LBP back and forth for periods of time.

There isn’t always a hard workout in the week, I usually do blocks of above for 4-6 weeks, then blocks of harder training for 2 weeks.

I can’t say for sure that the LT1 LBP can’t be pulled up…but I don’t often see that happen.

If you look at an entire season, LBP will fall when volume drops as intensity rises, to bring LBP back up - raise volume, drop intensity, be careful with the races that are chosen.

So I guess I always just push it up.


Thanks @steveneal !
When I was having more regular consults with you last year I definitely found that increasing volume was a key for me to make progress with increasing threshold and MAP.

I am understanding better the relationship between our lower end (LT1/LBP), and Upper end (LT2/MAP).

This year, as I am not racing, I have been trying different things.
Including an extensive FTP build up to 1x60+ min.
With this I felt that “threshold” felt easier to hold for longer, like my “type 2” fibers were more aerobic.
I didn’t notice any change to my LT1, LBP, or MAP (my volume has been lower also).

Looking at my Training load vs Threshold. We can see that one supports the other. There is no replacement for volume, and doing the work.

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