Thinking of those in Boulder

I didn’t know where to post this but thought this would be the sub-area…

I know a big part of the FTL crew are in Boulder/Boulder Area. We are hoping you and those you care about are safe and far enough away from the shooting yesterday. We had a similar (not nearly as horrific, but horrific enough) incident in the town I live a few years ago. It is surprising how many people who were 1st or 2nd degree connections who were very close to the situation when you live in a community where it happens. Even though you may not have been close it is still jarring because of the closeness it is. Boulder is a town I have always loved on my first visit in the late 1980s. I almost moved there in the late 90s. When I took my family there two summers ago, it has been the only town that we have been to all over the world that my entire family - including my kids (that’s huge :slight_smile: ) - wants to go back to. It always holds a special place in my mind and we were all horrified to hear what happened.

Take care.


Thank you, Brian.

Our staff, friends, and family are all safe but saddened.