The Craft of Coaching Module 14: The Future of Endurance Coaching

In The Future of Endurance Coaching, the last module release of The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel, we envision what the future of coaching looks like in the years to come. Joe Friel offers his veteran perspective and taps coaches Jim Rutberg of CTS, Grant Holicky, Rach McBride, Trevor Connor, and Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson of Braveheart Coaching to predict several key aspects of the upcoming coaching ecosystem:

It’s no surprise that the future of coaching athletes will incorporate some component of artificial intelligence. While AI will never completely replace coaching, leveraging its attributes to find the right balance of personal connection with automated tasks will be vital to remaining relevant with future generations.

It’s hard to know which elements of coaching AI will replace, but one thing is for certain—the future of coaching is evolving. The Craft of Coaching Module 14: The Future of Coaching provides expert perspective into the realities of coaching future generations of athletes.