The Craft of Coaching Module 13: Coaching Elite Athletes

Let’s face it, there’s a big difference between coaching professional and age-group athletes. Professional athletes are the elite, the 1% of the sport, the best of the best. These athletes devote every day to training—and they demand the most from themselves and their coaches.

In Coaching Elite Athletes, the newest release from The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel, we explore the art and science behind coaching professional athletes. Joe Friel offers his veteran perspective and taps elite experts David and Megan Roche, Scott Tindal, and Holly Lawrence to uncover the nuances of working with pro athletes like:

· How to get started coaching pros
· Training strategies shaking up ultrarunning
· A pro’s journey to becoming healthy
· You were born to coach

Maybe you’re talking with a pro athlete now. Perhaps you want to expand your elite athlete roster. Or you’re an experienced elite coach. The Craft of Coaching Module 13: Coaching Elite Athletes provides expert knowledge into the realities of coaching professional athletes.