Suggestions and experience with Patellar Tendinitis?

In last 6 weeks or so, I tilted my saddle down more to get rid of perianal bilateral saddle soreness. It worked, but I developed infrapatellar tendinitis. Jumper’s knee. New saddle which helps a lot with perianal soft tissue stress (SQ 610 M-D active, previously the more flared Specialized Elaston).

Recovery has been rough. Thought a week off would do, now two weeks off. Any suggestions/experiences?

Best to find a good bike fitter! I have messed with saddles previously and until I found my fitter I was not happy. My guy does remote online fits using advanced motion capture software with videos you send him. I can refer if you would like.

Dr. Andy Pruitt (@andrewpruittedd) helped us develop this Knee Health Pathway, which may be helpful.

Dave Trendler
Fast Talk Labs

Thanks to Fpike and Dave for the good suggestions

I will say also that my recent personal experience in treating tendonitis successfully has been rest, NSAIDs, reduced alcohol (to reduce general inflammation), then adding some real strength training. I swear that 3 months of once-a-week, higher weight strength training has eliminated most of the aches and pains I used to get from running.

I’m pretty interested in following this new in-season strength training series from @ryan that we just released.


Thanks, I used to lift legs once a week, no issues, will return to that once healed.

Hey @micomico, physical therapist Carol Passarelli has outlined some general treatment options for runner’s knee in this article. Some of these may help improve your jumper’s knee as well. Let us know!