Spring Training Camps, Santa Monica Mountains

I’ve created some more training camps in spring 2024, through Alter Exploration. The first camps will take place in the Santa Monica Mountains, between Los Angeles and Ventura, where the canyon climbs are the perfect venue for logging big miles in the spring. February and March dates are available.

For those who don’t know me, I am the co-founder of Fast Talk Labs, and these camps will include not just a bunch of riding, but also daily education on training principles and nutrition best-practices, pre-ride activation and post-ride stretching, and so on.

This area of California offers an abundance of sun, big ocean views, and your choice of silky pavement or dirt trails—or both. It’s a great escape from the winter doldrums, and we’ll get in endurance miles at their finest.

All the details are here, or email me at chris [at] alterexploration.com.

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