SmO2 device comparison

Train.Red v Moxy5. Anybody with any experience with both devices? Just looking at the Train.Red website it’s clear that the straps by which to attach them to body parts appear much more than Moxy5 to be easier and, more important, replicable. Thoughts?


Interesting that there is a new player in this space.


Hey, so I use both right now for my PhD research. Happy to try and answer any questions about the two devices.

Short version is: they each have different pros and cons (beyond the inclusion of a very convenient strap :sweat_smile:), but very much depends on your intended use case.

Moxy is well established, tried and true, more robust (physically, e.g. waterproof. And in terms of existing data ecosystem, e.g. garmin IQ apps, compatible software, etc.) and arguably simpler (it spits out a signal with no added interpretation). But it is older hardware at this point with certain signal quality limitations and low-ish sampling rate (0.5 Hz or a noisy 2 Hz).

Train.Red is new, very promising, very high signal quality, much higher sample rate (research device is up to 100 Hz, I think consumer grade is 20 Hz? More than enough), and has a developing app with autoregulation feedback. Cons are it’s new and not proven (in terms of durability, software/hardware bugs, commercial viability), the app front end adds complexity for promising but unvalidated interpretation.

I posted some figures from some of my current pilot testing using Train.Red if you want to get a sense of the signal. I have some combined datasets w/ Moxy & Train.Red that I might be able to post.


I saw new sensor is coming out:

I want to play with one of these sensors next year but the Moxy feels out of my budget. I’m concerned that I’ll buy it, geek out for a month or two and then forget about it. The was tempting but they only support Android right now with their app and I have zero android devices so I didn’t get one. Plus, I was waiting for more people to talk/post about the and I’ve seen nothing or heard nothing on podcasts.

Are any of you coaches testing the Nnoxx?


I don’t have any knowledge of this device.

I would say that in the past when other companies have made less expensive devices, with less sensors than moxy, they didn’t work very well and went out of business.

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I also know nothing about the NNOXX device. I hope it can do what it says it can do.

I’ve talked on a podcast about NIRS stuff from using Train.Red! :yum: In addition to Moxy.

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FWIW, I saw the Nnoxx device on Evan Peikon’s Instagram page. I just noticed that his bio now says:

Co-Founder & Chief Physiologist @NNOXX_Inc