Single Legged Pedaling Drills

I’m looking for guidance and a good protocol for executing single legged pedaling drills on the trainer. Is there a video on this, couldn’t find it using the search, if not that would be a great one!


What are hoping for by single leg drills?

Improve my pedaling efficiency.

By training yourself to favor one leg over the other?

There’s no efficiency to be gained by emphasizing the upstroke.

Clearly you alternate legs. Focus doesn’t have to be upstroke, though it will need to be used, but rather top and bottom stroke efficiency. Anyhow, it’s just some neuromuscular work to throw in the mix of training.

Rollers. All you need.

Great, another thing I need for cycling.

Colby talked about a single legged drill in the three part podcast series “How to pedal a bicycle”.

There are two more episodes.

I tried doing what Colby talked about on this episode and I couldn’t make through a complete peddle stroke.

I hear this question/topic from time to time. IMO it is outdated and there are other ways to improve pedal stroke and leg strenght. I am of the opinion that everything we do on and off the biek should improve what we can do on the bike and all this needs to meet the demands of riding and or events. That said, you do not pedal with one leg in the bike outside (normally) thus I do not use this techniue with my athletes. I do however promote the right strenght and mobilty off the bike to strenghten, engage and activate muscles, ligaments, tendons and connective tissue to when you are on the bike all of these fire and work at 100%, this is where “free” power and gains come from!

Another route you can go is cadence drills that feature low and high RPMs, this will help develop leg strenght, better and more effecient pedal stroke. Lots of info out there in cadence drills, keep it simple and mix in some low (50-70) and high (90-110) drills into your rides.

I hope this helps and happy training!