Seiler unleashed!

Hello, Fast Talk Laboratories members!

Many of our long-time listeners will recognize Dr. Stephen Seiler @stephen.seiler from his many appearances on the Fast Talk podcast.

We’re pleased to announce a partnership with Dr. Seiler:

All 40 of Dr. Seiler’s lectures, webinars, and interviews on are now open to all Fast Talk Labs member levels: Listener, Library, and Live.

See all of Dr. Seiler’s content on

As several of our members have noted over the past few months, this content is publicly available and scattered all over the web. When we began talking with Dr. Seiler last fall about a partnership, he expressed a desire to have us host all his content in on convenient place. We hope you enjoy Dr. Seiler’s content!

If you become aware of his other content available on the web, please let us know and we will ask permission to host it on our website for your convenience.

We look forward to working more closely with Dr. Seiler over the coming months to develop new content exclusively for members of Fast Talk Laboratories.


Hi there!

We’re pleased to see high interest in Dr. Seiler’s content on

I believe that one of our members shared the above link somewhere. That really helped us out, so thank you! If you shared the link, would you kindly let me know where you shared it?

Please contact me through

Thank you!

Dave Trendler
Chief Marketing Officer
Fast Talk Laboratories

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Are you able to tell what directed the users to the link when they signed up? I have seen the the Fast Talk Laboratories post regarding the Dr Seiler content pop up a few times in social media. I also see in the community section of the FTL FB that it was shared by Endurance Sportwire. Maybe you are aware of user directed that way. Just grasping at straws.


Thanks for the ideas, Brian.

Yes, I can see those things, but – fascinatingly – it was the specific link in the above post that has brought in many Listener Members. And of course that’s interesting because anyone who can see the above post on this Forum is by definition already a Listener Member and would therefore already have access to Dr. Seiler’s content.

Soooo someone must have shared that link! And boy would I like to know where they shared it. If I knew that, I could pursue a partnership or promotion with that source to help recruit more smart members for this community.

I’m about ready to offer a reward as thanks for this good deed!