Participate in our 200th Fast Talk Episode!

Fast Talk Labs members, @chris and I are excited about an upcoming milestone here at Fast Talk: On January 27th, we will release our 200th Fast Talk episode!

We’re proud to have shared 200 episodes featuring the world’s most respected and influential experts in training, physiology, sports nutrition, bike fit, recovery, sports medicine—plus bad jokes about Canada.

We have a very special 200th episode planned for you—and we’d like you to be a part of it!

So we have a request: Please send us your questions! If we select your question, we and our special guests will answer it during the episode in a way that we have never attempted before.

Any topic is fair game, but we are especially excited to hear your questions about the future of endurance sports.

We are asking members to record spoken questions on a smartphone recorder app and email them to by January 1st.


I see your deadline has passed but I’d like to see an episode on healthy ageing.

  1. What is the definition of healthy ageing?
  2. What does lifelong exercise look like in a healthy ageing individual?
  3. How do the different components vary by sex and your age bracket?
  4. What does diet look like in healthy ageing?
  5. Is exercising for healthy ageing the same as exercising for optimal performance?

I’m sure some other questions could be teased out.

Norman Lazarus would make a good guest for this.