Our Forum Plans This Fall

Welcome to the Fast Talk Labs Forum!

Our Forum is your source for the science of endurance training.

We are hopeful that this Forum will become your favorite home for vibrant, dynamic conversations about sport science.

Now that our Forum is free and open to all members of every level, we would like to set some expectations about how our staff will be able to be involved during a busy autumn product development schedule.

Over the coming months, our staff has committed to our normal cadence of Fast Talk episodes, sport science articles and videos, and monthly Pathways—PLUS 4 big, exciting new projects that we are planning to release this fall for our members.

During this time (and probably after), our CEO Trevor Connor and our Head Coach and Exercise Physiologist Ryan Kohler will have less availability to participate on the Forum. (Don’t worry – they aren’t going anywhere! But they will be drawn away to work on other projects.)

Questions About Episodes of Fast Talk

We’re always watching conversations about topics and guests of the Fast Talk Podcast. If you have follow-up questions, please ask those! Chris, Trevor, and Ryan will answer those whenever possible.

Personal Coaching vs. Community Questions

If a question applies to many and not just to you, then we consider that to be a Community Question. We encourage Community Questions, and we look forward to weighing in when we have time around our other projects that we are developing for you.

If a question is specific to you, we consider it to be a Personal Coaching Question. We hope our members continue to ask Personal Coaching Questions on the Forum. Our Forum includes many science-minded coaches who are active Forum members, and we hope that our Forum community is ready to help out! However, the Fast Talk Labs staff will be less likely this fall and winter to answer Personal Coaching Questions directed at them.

We are always happy to answer Personal Coaching Questions during a Coaching Help Session! In fact, we would love to work with you in this more personal, one-on-one way. ( And Coach Ryan has been known to answer basic questions during Complimentary Solutions Consults, too.)

Question of the Week!

:heart: Next week, we will begin watching for really interesting Personal Coaching or Community Questions so Trevor and Ryan can provide answers! Each week, we will watch for the Forum topics that get the most “likes” that members add using the :heart: icon at the bottom right of each post. When we see a new post or reply that has a high number of likes, we will refer those to Trevor and Ryan to consider for a detailed reply the following week. (It takes time to research some of our members very smart questions!)

@Mentions for @Trevor @Ryan
We appreciate it when members draw topics to our attention by tagging them. We do read most (not all) of these tags, but we do not expect to have the time to prepare thorough replies during our busy fall season. Rather than dash off a quick reply, our staff will be more selective about the topics we dive into. Please don’t take it personally! Between Fast Talk, this Forum, Fast Talk Labs, and being a part of the sport science community, we just get more requests for info than we’re able to field.

Thank you for respecting our new Forum policies! Please feel free to reply to this topic or email us at info@fasttalklabs.com if you have any questions or suggestions. We’re listening!