Open Access, All Members: Jan 27th Ride with Dr. Stephen Cheung!

All members are invited to join our Wednesday, January 27th ride with Dr. Stephen Cheung!

Just register using the link below and we’ll send login instructions.

Zwift Recovery Ride + Zoom Q&A with Special Guest Dr. Stephen Cheung!
Wednesday, January 27th at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time

Curious about riding in the cold or heat? Wondering about how to stay cool during long efforts? Questions about cycling science and performance? Join us on Zwift (or just “pretend” you’re on Zwift…) for a chance to ride and chat over Zoom with our special guest and Fast Talk Labs contributor, Dr. Stephen Cheung!


Thanks everyone that joined in on the ride: Dr. Cheung, Trevor, Ryan and Mike (hopefully I remembered your name correctly). Dr. Cheung, I know you are a regular participant in Fast Lab sponsered rides; but, thank you for sharing all that you did while getting a ride in.

The conversation and story telling was nice break from my reality and training solo watching races on youtube. It was fun to do something social outside of my family and virtual work environment. For those that don’t currently have virtual training buddies, come join in. It is a nice break from the norm. I’m an admitted introvert; but, even I like/need some social interaction.

BTW, I was the non Zwift participant or as stated in the original message, just pretend to be on Zwift.

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Thanks @Schils for joining and for the kind words. I’m really enjoying these FTL rides and it was a good use of the “talk test” to keep my intensity low enough to talk throughout! I was reflecting to @trevor and @ryan during a ride over the Christmas break that the ability to have a good conversation truly made it feel like a real group ride, and that I would’ve never voluntarily done a 2:45h ride on the rollers otherwise.
Hope to see you in other rides coming up!
Stephen Cheung

I do have to call out the 2:45h on the rollers. That’s just impressive!

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I will have to agree that’s impressive! I think my record is 60 minutes and I fell off a couple of times. :fearful:

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