One Season in Professional Cycling Is Enough to Negatively Affect Bone Health - PubMed (

I haven’t read it yet myself.

It’s why I try and ensure to get enough impact exercise a week as well. For me that’s just walking, as I’m not a runner.

I don’t think it has a lot of do with the low impact nature of cycling. It’s the chronic calorie deficits. Elite runners have the same issues and they get tons of constant impact.

Caloric deficit for sure has it’s effect.

The difference is that runners with poor bone density might have same bone density as sedentary people. Bone health of elite cyclists: Old grandma with osteoporosis. So impacts likely do play a part to improve bonehealth. The thing is that runners can’t get away with it even if they are super healthy when compared to cyclists, they will get injured.

The next question is: Does lifting weights fare better than running for bonehealth? I think running stride can put 3 times bodyweight on bones. I’ve deadlifted over 3 times my bodyweight but i was already close to worldclass level powerlifter back then… So how any cyclist who deadlifts barely their bodyweight can gain any bone density from weightroom as opposed to running? Sure there are plenty of other benefits, but bone health is often cited.

Sure with running the toxin is the dose. Anything less than hour is waste of time, and aerobic engine lets run for hours. 30minute runs turn into 60min, or 90min. Strength training might cause bones to respond by “densing up” without the breakage.

I think skipping rope would be the best. I remember listening to one lingament guy (Keith Bar?) who suggested that to have effect on lingament and tendon health you should do 10 minutes of skipping rope 3 times a day, because tendons respond to movement during first 10 minutes and then they go dormant for 8 hours. This was for ultra runner with injury in achilles tendon, if i recall.

What i don’t know is if bones and tendons respond to strain similarily.