“Omegawave Theory and Practice”

At my age of 84, and well over 44 years of endurance/HIIT exercising, I need all the help I can get to stay on the right side of dirt. :smile: I have this sensor, and I’ve been using it just to gauge my recovery from a previous day’s workout. It is the only tool I’ve come across that systematically takes into account, with specificity, the impact on recovery processing the effects of psychological stressors. It does that in concert with a separate analysis of cardiac recovery. I thought it would be useful to post up this article I came across this AM for whatever value it might have for those of you all who might find it of value. If any of you are using this system, I’d be grateful for your thoughts and commentary. Take care, Anthony

Edit: An additional link from OW site about DC Potential.


I have been using Omegawave for around 12 or so years.

I do prefer the coach software much more than the personal, can really get more information and see changes more directly in the results, based on changes in your life.

Thanks for your reply, Steve. I agree about Coach+ It will save me the cost of renewing my Kubios Premium analytic software which of course is analytic only and devoid of recommendations. As soon as I can wake up their customer service folks, I’ll upgrade it.

Have you integrated OW with www.fatiguescience.com? There is an in-depth YouTube video showing how that pairing has made substantially positive differences in working with Recovery parameters for high-end athletes, military Spec Ops, etc. BTW, wanted to thank you for your contributions here. Take care, Anthony

FWIW, I learned yesterday that OW does not have for individual users the subscription option for the expanded data analysis that is inherent in Coach or the Coach+ versions. I can’t imagine why OW would omit that income generating option gotten from those of us who are private practitioners who would use it not only for ourselves but also for the clients with whom we work individually. I’ve fortunately gotten an email from the US rep who indicates that he will talk with his OW colleagues to see if that option can be made available. HTH, Anthony


I have watched the video, and find the combination interesting, but have had such good success with omegawave.

You are very welcome!