New This Week: March 29, 2021

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Fast Talk Episode 157: Q&A with Coach Grant Holicky

Cycling in Alignment Episode 45: Jason Williams, Retül bike fitter at the Specialized Experience Center
Jason Williams is here to discuss the methodology of Retül fitting and how the technology is used to help fitters make decisions during their fit process. We delve into the strengths and potential pitfalls of using comparative data. We also discuss the current trend of road riders slamming the saddle forward.

How to Find Your Maximal Heart Rate
We posted this video back in October during our beta launch, so you may not have seen this story from Dr. Stephen Seiler who presents the case for why properly measured heart rate data is important to track and about some dos and don’ts to follow when attempting to determine your own HRmax.


An Exploration of “Social Training Tools”
We explore whether Strava and other new training apps can make you faster, and how to effectively fit them into a structured training plan.

How to Build an Annual Training Plan
Houshang Amiri, a new contributor to Fast Talk Labs and an elite cycling coach, shares how to build an effective annual training plan and how to modify it throughout the year.

TrainingPeaks: Helpful Comments vs. Unhelpful Comments
In this Workshop, our coaches Trevor Connor and Ryan Kohler share the best ways for athletes to leave comments on workouts or races for their coaches in TrainingPeaks.

Relax and Recover
Article by Trevor Connor