New This Week: March 22, 2021


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Fast Talk Episode 156: How to Effectively Evolve as an Athlete, with Lachlan Morton
We explore how athletes can evolve and find more fulfillment from their sport with pro cyclist Lachlan Morton

Cycling in Alignment Episode 44: The Godfather of Bike Fitting, Happy Freedman
Differing opinions on fit.

How Long is Too Long on Zwift?
Dr. Stephen Seiler analyzes a 13-plus-hour Zwift ride by Jonas Abrahamsen of the Uno-X Pro Cycling Team from Norway.


An Exploration of "Social Training Tools"
Article by Trevor Connor
We explore whether Strava and other new training apps can make you faster, and how to effectively fit them into a structured training plan.

Does Strength Training Make You Faster?
Dr. Stephen Cheung reviews recent research that addresses the question of whether strength training can make you faster on the bike.

How to Use TrainingPeaks Performance Management Chart
Coaches Trevor Connor and Ryan Kohler review TrainingPeaks metrics such as Acute and Chronic Training Load (ATL/CTL), Training Stress Balance (TBS), and discuss the interactions among the metrics.