New the Week of May 10, 2021

Hello, Fast Talk Labs Members!

It’s a “nutrition forward” week at the lab with a flood of words on nutrition and a workshop on thirst and hydration.

Plus a workshop we think will inspire some Forum topics: a deep dive on executing intervals.

Enjoy and discuss!

Dave Trendler
Fast Talk Labs


Fast Talk Episode 163: Training Principles from the 1980s Are Still Effective, with Jeff Winkler
Jeff is sort of an “old-school” coach, and he even said how really even since the 1980s when he was training with Eddy B. and the U.S. national team, training hasn’t really changed much. It’s just that we can measure things more now than ever before. As Jeff says, “In the late 1980s as I was coming up, I am not saying everyone was training the same as now, but I do feel that I had access to information in 1986-'88 that was fundamentally sound and equally effective.”


Should you drink to thirst or to a schedule?
Workshop by Dr. Stephen Cheung @ThermalDoc

All About Interval Execution: A Deep Dive
Workshop by Trevor Connor and Ryan Kohler

How to Deal with Altitude
Article by Head Coach Ryan Kohler

Sports Nutrition for Beginners
Article by Jana Martin
Eating properly for the demands of endurance sports can be challenging, especially if you’re new to sport. We explore common misconceptions and pitfalls for the beginner endurance athlete.

A Deep Dive on Ketones
Article by Coach Julie Young