NEW! The Craft of Coaching Module 3: Mapping a Season of Training


Anyone can build a training plan. But a good coach knows how to plan a season that unlocks an athlete’s potential.

In Module 3 of The Craft of Coaching, Joe Friel and his hand-picked master coaches share how they:

  • assess new athletes and onboard them
  • define what makes a good training plan
  • incorporate recovery into the season
  • teach athletes how to develop skills

This module features USA Cycling’s Jim Miller, Red Bull’s Dean Golich, Dr. Andy Kirkland formerly of British Cycling, veteran endurance coach Alan Couzens, and Fast Talk Labs coach Trevor Connor.

These coaches offer case studies of how to map a season of training for four different athletes:

  • elite cyclist block training plan
  • age-group triathlete moving up to a longer race distance
  • masters cyclist who wants to podium
  • triathlete aiming to go pro and compete in the Olympics

The Craft of Coaching is Joe Friel’s ultimate guide to becoming a better, more successful, and happier coach. From athlete performance to the business of coaching, Friel shares every secret. Follow The Craft of Coaching to accelerate your practice and save decades honing your craft.

The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel is open to Coaching Essentials and USA Cycling Coach members.