NEW! The Craft of Coaching Module 12: Coaching Female Athletes

There are more female athletes in endurance sports than ever before—yet until recently, female athletes simply followed advice and protocols that had been designed and tested on men. This is now changing rapidly and there are a host of experts bringing to light the perils and pitfalls associated with female athletes following guidelines that are male-specific.

In our latest module from The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel, we explore the latest science and research on coaching female athletes. The module features:

  • Dr. Stacy Sims — one of the pioneers of female-specific training, Dr. Sims brings her insights and expertise on topics such as fueling, making the menstrual cycle your fitness ally, and approaching menopause armed with all the information needed to successfully navigate one of life’s most challenging transitions.

  • Coach Bevan McKinnon — McKinnon shares his experience of how leaning into a better understanding of the impact of the menstrual cycle has led to great success for him and his athletes.

  • Coach, athlete, and psychotherapist Lauren Vallee talks about some of the cultural and sociological factors that coaches need to be aware of when working with athletes in the women’s field.

  • Coach Alison Freeman provides tips on how to empower mom-athletes and how to navigate conversations around body image and body composition.

Check out The Craft of Coaching Module 12: Coaching Female Athletes for expert guidance on coaching women. By tuning into female physiology and better understanding the female athlete experience, coaches will unlock the knowledge that will empower them to implement training and performance goals within this fast-growing market of athletes.