NEW! The Craft of Coaching Module 10 // Coaching Junior Athletes

The Craft of Coaching 10: Coaching Junior Athletes

Coaching junior athletes is wildly different from coaching adults. As many coaches have said over the years, you can coach anyone if you can get good at coaching young athletes.

In this new part of The Craft of Coaching series, Joe Friel focuses on how coaches are bringing up the next generation of elites and enthusiasts.

Module 10 delivers two compelling case studies of young athletes who rose to world-class performance, triathlete Kristian Blummenfelt and cyclist Juan Ayuso. Also, Pete Webber, executive director and head coach of Boulder Junior Cycling, shares what he has learned over 10 years of leading one of the nation’s top junior cycling teams.

The Craft of Coaching Module 10 explores these key takeaways:

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Reach your junior athlete’s peak potential.