NEW! Sports Psychology Pathway


Our brains and bodies are inseparable, and research shows how much a strong mind improves performance.

In this Pathway, experts Grant Holicky, Dr. Julie Emmerman, Dr. Simon Marshall, Julie Young, Dr. Stephen Cheung, and Lesley Paterson explore critical and often overlooked mental skills you can start using right now:

  • Why mental strength is so critical to performance with Coach Grant Holicky @gholicky
  • How to manage unwanted thoughts and feelings with Dr. Simon Marshall and Lesley Paterson
  • High performance sports psychology with Dr. Julie Emmerman @julieemmerman
  • How beliefs influence reality with Dr. Stephen Cheung @ThermalDoc
  • Accepting feedback and criticism with Coach Grant Holicky
  • Developing effective self-talk with Coach Grant Holicky
  • Managing race day anxiety with Coach Grant Holicky and Chris Case
  • How to control dominant thought with Dr. Brian Butki
  • Navigating setbacks and obstacles with Dr. Julie Emmerman
  • Tolerating discomfort with Coach Julie Young @julie
  • How fatigue may be entirely mental with Dr. Stephen Cheung
  • 6 Ways to Manage Pain with Coach Grant Holicky
  • Achieving a healthy training-life balance with Colby Pearce @colbypearce
  • Attaining goals you have set with Coach Grant Holicky

The best athletes are as strong mentally as physically. Follow the Sports Psychology Pathway to get mentally strong.

See the introduction from Coach Grant Holicky.

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which is why it’s so frustrating to hear people talking about ‘knowing their bodies’ or whatever, when in reality it’s just knowing themselves.

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