NEW PATHWAY on Indoor Cycling!


Fast Talk Labs members,

We are pleased release our new Pathway focused on Indoor Cycling!

Riding inside is NOT the same as outdoors.

In this Indoor Cycling Pathway, we tap experts like Joe Friel (coauthor of RIDE INSIDE), Dr. Stephen Cheung, Dr. Stephen Seiler, Dr. Andy Pruitt, Rob Pickels, Trevor Connor, and more.

These experts explore:

  • The fundamentals of indoor cycling
  • How indoor and outdoor riding differ
  • How to modify your bike setup to mimic natural outdoor movement patterns
  • How to adjust your power meter interpretation
  • When to use rollers instead of a trainer
  • Heat management and ventilation
  • Setting up your indoor cycling workout area
  • The health impacts of indoor riding
  • Two-a-day workouts
  • How to Get the Most from Zwift: How to warm up, how to draft best, why knowing the course matters, how to set up your trainer, power starts, and more
  • Advanced Zwift Race Tactics
  • Using Zwift for testing or long slow distance rides
  • 9 great workouts for indoor cycling

Nearly two-thirds of this Pathway is available free to Listener Members. To access the full Pathway and all Fast Talk Labs content, upgrade to Library Membership.

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The intro is mentioning the difference in power numbers outdoor and indoor… Where is this covered? I just went briefly through it and couldn’t find it.

It is part of Rethinking the Science of Trainers, a Fast Talk podcast episode.

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