NEW PATHWAY: Cycling Base Training


Fast Talk Labs members,

We are pleased to announce the release of our newest Pathway!

Our new Cycling Base Training Pathway is now available—and it’s perfectly timed to help you lay the foundation for an awesome 2022 season.

In our new Cycling Base Training Pathway, Joe Friel, Dr. Stephen Seiler, Trevor Connor, Ryan Kohler, and Dr. Andy Pruitt show why good base training isn’t just about riding endless miles.

These experts share how to plan and structure your base season, how to monitor your efforts, and how to track your fitness gains so you start your next training phase with a strong aerobic engine.

  • The Cycling Base Training Pathway explores:
  • The crucial relationship between training stress and fitness
  • Why going slow now lets you go faster later
  • Why maximum fitness can only come from long, slow miles
  • How to prioritize your training time and energy
  • How to plan your base season
  • Preparing your body for harder training
  • The only three workout types you need
  • The correct definition of a long slow distance ride
  • How to do a LSD ride
  • How to find your personal, ideal low-intensity effort
  • How to do mountain biking base rides
  • Alternative ways to train your aerobic base
  • Core exercises for cyclists
  • How cyclists should weight train
  • Avoiding base season injuries

Complete our new Cycling Base Training Pathway and you will know how to set yourself up for success in next year’s races and rides.

Nearly half of this Pathway is available at our FREE Listener Member level. Watch the introduction.

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