New Content for library members?

Seems as though the coach section is getting much more content than the Library membership. Any more pathways or other articles coming soon?

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Hi @Humunuku, thanks for the question.

Short answer to your question (which will lead to an informal announcement I’m very excited about) - we have two different teams building our library and coach content. Renee Jardine has been leading our Craft of Coaching production and has been doing a great job!

Chris Case was leading our library content and unfortunately, that is one of the things that I admit has suffered since he left. We’ve been working for a while to find someone who could do as good a job and (here’s my informal announcement), this July Emma-Kate Lidbury joined us. She came to us from Triathlete Magazine where she was the Editor-In-Chief. We’re really excited about what she’s going to do with our content. She’s still getting up to speed, but we expect the content will start ramping up again this month.


Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to see what she puts out.

So, what up? Coaching content going strong, podcasts is great, new womens podcast….but content for people who paid for a subscription is really really put on the back burner. Can you hook us up with access to the coaching articles or something?

I agree and mentioned this in a PM to Rob, that things on the paid subscription side are really falling down and my motivation to subscribe again is not that high based upon so many things like:
1- the low activity rate on the forum
2- the lack of downloadable workouts in the workout of the week
3-lack of new and interesting content in the pathways

I agree the coaching side is way more active but that is not my thing.

Hi @Humunuku and @scooter, I really appreciate your feedback (even if it’s tough to read.) I owe you an apology that we’ve been falling short lately on content for you and our other members. The blame rests on my shoulders. Emma-Kate, our new content strategist has some exciting plans for content that I can’t wait to see become a reality. The problem has been that she’s understaffed and struggling. Which, like I said, is entirely my fault. I just put up a new job post to bring in the help she needs. We won’t have that new people tomorrow, but I promise we will ramp things up soon!


Thanks for the honest answer! I know I want to see you guys succeed in this tough space. You have some really great content but lately things have seemed to get stale and I look forward to you reinvigorating the platform.

Hi @scooter, really appreciate your saying that and your understanding! I promise we’re working hard, but please keep me honest and keep letting me know how we’re doing.


While I get to benefit from the “extra” coaching knowledge on the website, I feel that if I were just a subscriber, that there is sufficient content to warrant keeping the subscription active. I see it having having unlimited access to both old and new content, by paying a “nominal” subscription fee. It’s like having streaming services where we can pick what’s needed, when needed, or like having books on a shelf/rack and being able to pick it up and read up on a subject when required.

Trevor shouldn’t be too hard on himself, and we shouldn’t be too hard on him… like training and rest, there’s a balance. I’m sure that balance will be restored soon.

Happy Friday everyone!


I’m not sure when the subscription expired but I just renewed to support the existing content. I do something similar with scientific triathlon, but with them I buy all their training plans.

Anyways, fast talk is awesome and the podcast and the forums are more than worth the $60 annual