MTB bike fit: Please interview Lee McCormick!

I loved your recent episodes about bike fit and I think there’s one other person that would add a lot to your discussion. You may be aware of Lee McCormick. He’s a Boulder-area MTB skills coach and he has some very interesting ideas on MTB fit and sizing which are entirely different from fitting road bikes. I’ve taken several of his classes and applied his concepts to my bike and it’s helped me tremendously with cornering, climbing, and descending. I hope you’ll look him up. I think the hosts and your listeners will learn a lot and have fun listening to him. Thanks!


More MTB content in general would be great!


Thanks for the suggestion, @KNorman! Lee is great, and he has some really cool ways of looking at MTB fit. Plus, who doesn’t like a fit system with the word RAD in it? :smiley: