Membership Upgrade! Video Transcripts + Chapter Titles


Fast Talk Labs Library Members, we are pleased to announce some new features to help you get the most from your Library Membership!

We have added new video transcripts and chapter titles to most of the videos on Now it’s even easier to search for and view the video topics that interest you most!

Check out this 1-minute video tour from Chris Case to see what’s new.

Our goal is to release video transcripts and chapter titles for all new videos and to update our older videos over the coming months.

Our newest videos now include chapter titles. These are like bookmarks at the beginning of new topics so you can easily find and view the topics that interest you most.

New videos now include transcripts—the most requested upgrade by members in a recent member survey. Each transcript includes easily scannable titles so you can quickly jump to the sections that interest you.

And here’s the best part: Chapter titles and transcript titles match—and they include time stamps. This means you can scan the transcripts, find a section you want to see, and skip the video to the corresponding time stamp or chapter to see that section of video.

These upgrades make our videos more useful—and faster to get to the points that you care about most.

Do you like this change? Let us know how we are doing and what other improvements you would like to see! Just reply to this Forum post or feel free to email our team at with your feedback or suggestions.