McNulty and Woods power number from the Olympic RR

Hey, just read the Velonews story on McNulty and Woods’ numbers from Tokyo.

Really interesting.

I disagree with them saying his FTP Is well over 400.

If that was true, on the numbers they show he would have won the gold medal in a walk, unless they are saying Carapaz has an FTP near 7 w/kg.

Call me naive, but I think these guys are clean.

With the VN numbers he’s doing essentially 45 minutes averaging below threshold on the two main climbs, nearly 2 at even my Z2, and then a couple more at tempo. There is no way he then cracks at the end.

No, I think his FTP is close to 95% of his average on the hard climb (.95 of 407 = 387). This is a clean human number of 5.6 w/kg.

Anything else is ridiculous and does not explain him not winning.

Numbers matter, added to training, knowledge and talent.

I’d love to hear any counterpoint to this.