Max heart rate link

Some one asked me for a link or protocol to establish max heart rate. Can some one send it?
For indoor trainer.

I never knew there was a protocol. Will be keen to see what is shared.

I would have used the max HR from any max effort across 2-6 minutes. Looking at my max efforts, and a few athletes, it been during a 3-min and/or 5-min max effort.

Ryan emailed me this HR max protocol:

So one easy way to test that is by doing 2 all-out maximal efforts after a good warm-up. The warm-up doesn’t matter too much in terms of making it super specific (other than getting some heavy breathing in and feeling like you’re ready to give a max effort), but the efforts should be over-paced at the start so you’re breathing heavily (i.e., an unsustainable pace) by about 90 seconds into them. Then you just hang on for the remaining 90 seconds.

Take ~5 minutes rest between, and repeat that 3-min effort again. That’s a fairly short way to get a max HR estimate, and there are probably at least 10 other ways - in the big picture it’s just about ensuring your protocol is hard enough to elicit a supra-maximal effort, and short enough that you can reach that effort in a matter of minutes.

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