Love to see a back/spine health pathway

I think it would be great to have a pathway to focus on back health. Exercise ideas. Short morning routines. You guys have some great people that could really make this great. As well maybe Dr McGill, Menachem Brody, or Alison Westfahl, Dr Pruitt etc.


here are some tips: Injury prevention, strength training, and running biomechanics with Eoin Everard, PhD | EP#336

thanks @kjeldbontenbal as always.

But my real point was to have one of the Fast Talk Pathways to focus on this topic with video routines that would for instance show a 15 minute morning routine for good back health, as well have a dialogue or dialogues with experts such as Dr. McGill, Dr. Pruitt etc. Something that sits within the Fast Talk idea of a Pathway.