Live Events: Week of Jan 25, 2021


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Your Winter Guide to Indoor Cycling
Monday, January 25th at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time
Join Dr. Stephen Cheung for a Live Webinar on preparing for indoor cycling and managing heat! Dr. Cheung is a world-renowned expert in the body’s reaction to temperature extremes – and he’s a voracious indoor cyclist. Attend this Webinar to get great winter cycling guidance from Dr. Cheung where he will discuss topics including heat management, cross-training, adaptive differences with indoor and outdoor workouts, and what to do with those “nice” winter days that allow you to sneak outdoors every once in a while.

Structured Workout: Batman Threshold Intervals
Tuesday, January 26 at noon Mountain Time
Led by Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Chris Case
Be like Batman! Batman can pedal at low and high cadences. Batman accelerates and settles into sub-threshold before re-accelerating again. Batman manages changes in pace and has a great ability to manage lactate. This Batman Threshold Intervals workout will help riders get better at riding comfortably at variable intensities, paces, and lactate levels. Bonus: You’ll draw a sweet workout chart! We will start our intervals with a 30-second jump, then settle into sub-threshold intensity. We’ll cap off the workout with another 30-second burst.

Zwift Recovery Ride + Zoom Q&A with Special Guest Dr. Stephen Cheung!
Wednesday, January 27th at 5:00 p.m. Mountain Time
Curious about riding in the cold or heat? Wondering about how to stay cool during long efforts? Questions about cycling science and performance? Join us on Zwift (or just “pretend” you’re on Zwift…) for a chance to ride and chat over Zoom with our special guest and Fast Talk Labs contributor, Dr. Stephen Cheung! Register now and we’ll send you a reminder note later.