Library Members Can Now Access All Fast Talk Labs Content

Library Members,

Today, March 1st, we have merged all Live Member content into the Library Member level.

This change means that all Library Members now have full access to all Fast Talk Laboratories content including over 30 new Webinars, Q&A Sessions, and Structured Workouts like:

Webinars from Dr. Stephen Cheung, Dr. Stephen Seiler, and more
• Head Coach Ryan Kohler and Trevor Connor’s deep dive into How to Set Up Your Bike Computer
How to Create a Race-Day Sports Nutrition Plan, Parts 1-4
Q&A Sessions with Coach Grant Holicky and Alex Hutchinson
Structured Workouts with Kohler, Connor, Chris Case, and special guests

Accompanying this change, all Library Members will be invited to join future Live Events.

We hope you enjoy your upgraded Library Membership!

We believe this new access makes the Library Membership much more valuable and useful. We invite Listener Members to upgrade now to take advantage of this richer content offering – plus new content concepts that we are developing for release beginning in March and April.

Live Members have already been contacted via email about this change. We have given them several options to make sure they get the fair and full value of their membership including some upcoming, exciting new offerings that we will announce to all members soon.

Please feel free to contact us with any questions or issues accessing new content at And please send us your requests and ideas for new content at We’re always listening!


Chris Case, Trevor Connor, Ryan Kohler, and the Fast Talk Laboratories Team


Looking forward to getting all of this great content into the hands of more members!

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Fully agree with Chris. Some of our favorite content was at the Live level, so were excited to be able to get it to all of our Library Members!