Lactate testing questions

Hi all,

just have two questions regarding lactate testing.

  1. do you have different lactate readings from the finger and earlobe and how much it is and how linear it is? (I’m using 5-7min between the steps when my wife measures me from the ear lobe I’m having smaller readings than when I measure by myself from the finger).

  2. When I eat while testing right after taking gel the lactate goes to the roof, so my question is how long before the testing we should be not eating? Are 10 minutes fine or at least an hour would be better?

You will get different readings from the ear and finger, you need to be consistent and always do the same for best results.

However, if you don’t worry about absolute value, and the trend of the lactate (This is how I have always used lactate, as a trend, not an absolute number.)

Whether or not you are using ear or finger, spray with rubbing alcohol, wipe with a clean tissue, draw blood - wipe this drop with clean tissue - then draw another to put on the analyzer.

If you are testing for LT1 and LT2 let’s say during a step test, I would eat 2-3h before or like you do for competition. Always keep this the same. Also same hydration or as close to it as possible.

Then during the test only water you should have enough fuel for good performance for the duration of a step test.

If you are doing a training session, then I would say you should eat like you do when you are training.

With regards to the higher lactate after the gel, do you see this every time? Or have you only done this once?

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In last two LT1, LT2 step test I had a big jump after taking gel even on the beginning of the step (5-6min before taking the blood sample).

My plan is to use it for determining LT1 and LT2 and in training. Ok, for LT2 training like 8min intervals should be fine with different values (self-sampling from the finger) because I can measure after 3min and then after the interval and values should be in 1mmol difference.

@steveneal how would you suggest to use it for ISM around LT1 training (much more important for me)?

Sorry I don’t understand ISM?

Sorry… Indigo San Milan and his “just around LT1” training.

I see thanks for clarification!

Can you post your most recent results and send me the fit file that goes along with them?

After cx nationals, I’ll do step LT1, LT2 test and measure in both (finger and ear lobe). I’ll indoor test and after 2-3 days I’ll repeat the test outside. Spoke with a friend and he will also participate so we’ll have n=2 :).

I’ll post the results here.

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