Intro to Physiology Book Recommendation?

Hi all,

New forum member with a quick question. Can anyone recommend some good intro to sports / cycling physiology books (textbooks?)? I’m looking for good starting points to get up the curve / refresh on basic concepts. I’ve got a background in physics and am comfortable with more technical vs. less…

Thanks in advance, Thayer

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Hi Thayer,

I have this one:

Hope it helps,

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@damonti thanks for the recommendation. Love the price and that it is easy to download on my iPad. I will buy it this evening.


I love Scientific Training for Endurance Athletes by Dr. Phil Skiba. It’s quite a bit more dense than the above mentioned, but incredibly interesting and comprehensive.

[Scientific Training for Endurance Athletes](Scientific Training for Endurance Athletes

Thanks. I’ll pick this one up at well. I want to have a few different resources to add to my bookcase. I appreciate the recommendations.