Injury recovery

to share my experience of injury recovery.

i got into a shimmy i couldn’t control at 30mph and fell off my bike. unfortunately i hit a line of posts designed to keep people from parking on the grass.

i broke a rib and damaged my liver, and after some mixups at A&E i ended up losing 3pints of blood.

i then had covid and then a chest infection.

having read the serious injury podcast, i feel i have a couple of ideas to add which helped me, and i might help others.

i thought about what happened before the accident, which, by definition, is what caused it. it helped me to understand why it happened - in my case a historic 653 frame with too much fork rake was a recipe for disaster.

i also considered what might have happened - i could very easily have broken my neck; i was very lucky!

ok, skip forward a month and i am back on my bike, an interesting experience. i am still as strong but my lactate threshold has fallen off a cliff. (heamocrit fell from 48% to 29% due to the blood loss)

i know people have life changing injuries every day, i was lucky to get off so lightly, but i thought it might help others to know how i rationalised it.

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