How to Upgrade Membership

Hello, Fast Talk Laboratories members!

We have received a few questions from Library Members who are interested in upgrading to Live Membership in order to get access to live workouts, recordings of workouts, webinars, and Q&A sessions, and the Ask a Coach monthly question benefits that are exclusive to Live Members.

Yes, we will prorate the value of your remaining annual Library Membership and apply it to reduce the cost of upgrading to Live Membership. See below for details.

How to Upgrade from Listener Member Level

Upgrading is simple for Listener Members. Just click the person icon in the top-right of any screen on to visit your account. Under My Memberships, you’ll see your “Listener” level. Click “Change” to the higher level and then simply complete checkout. Your membership will upgrade and activate immediately upon checkout. You should receive a Welcome email from us within a few days highlighting the benefits of your new membership level.

How to Upgrade from Library to Live Membership

Members using our monthly subscription can follow the same steps outlined above. Basically, you simply checkout at the new membership level and it will activate immediately. (Sorry, we will not prorate past monthly subscription payments against new annual memberships.)

For annual members, upgrading from Library to Live or from Live to Laboratory Member Level requires contacting us so we can save you some money. We will prorate your remaining membership value toward the cost of an upgraded annual membership. Just email us at and let us know which member level you would like to join. We will check your prorated term and issue you a coupon that will reduce your upgrade cost by the amount of your remaining subscription value. To calculate the prorated value of your remaining membership, we simply take your annual membership cost, divide it by 12, and subtract the number of months already used. The balance is your remaining subscription value that we will apply via coupon toward the full annual cost of a new membership. Upon checkout, your membership will upgrade and activate immediately and last for 12 months. Your membership will then renew as specified in our Terms of Service.

If Your Current Membership Is About to Expire and You Would Like to Upgrade…

If you would like to upgrade your existing membership and your current membership is about to expire, we recommend waiting until a few days before your expiration date and then simply completing checkout on our Join page as if you were a new member. This will end your current membership a few days early and start your new level immediately. Your new membership will last for whatever renewal term you choose (monthly or annual).

We answer many other questions in our Terms of Service.

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