How to find, enroll and graduate from courses?

I have signed up for unlimited membership and I am curious to understand where I find the courses in which I can enroll and complete to get a graduation?

For me the main menu is only consisting of:

  1. Knowledge Base
  2. Coach Education
  3. Athlete Service
  4. Community
  5. About us

Hi Fabian,

Thanks for joining Fast Talk Labs!

We have many online education options available.

Athlete and Unlimited Members
Fast Talk Labs Pathways are guided deep dives into specific topics. They are not courses, but they are structured as an online learning pathway. We offer 12 Pathways at this time and hope to release more in the future.

We do offer one of these Pathways as a course for purchase. It’s the Cycling Interval Training Pathway course.

Coaches and Unlimited members
For coaches, we offer 14 modules of The Craft of Coaching with Joe Friel. Each module explores a facet of coaching endurance athletes and features perspectives from many veteran, expert coaches.

USA Cycling Coach members
Through our partnership with USA Cycling, we offer active, licensed coaches a free Coach Membership, which offers access to coaching-related content.

USA Cycling Level 3 Coaches can also enroll in the Level 2 certification upgrade course, which includes an in-person workshop with a pre-requisite online course. This course is only available to USA Cycling coaches with active licenses.

There are two live events available that were accepted USA Cycling CEUs. They are both Live Q&As with Joe Friel, hosted by Rob Pickels. Q&A #1 and Q&A #2.

I hope this helps! Please let us know what courses you would like to see from Fast Talk Labs!

Dave Trendler
Fast Talk Labs

Hi Dave!

Thanks for your reply!

So as of now it seems lite I am on a trial period and will have my next billing in June for my Unlimited subscription. Is that effecting anything in the way that not all payed content is visable for me until the subscription is payed and no longer is a trail version?

Under My Profile there are two menus:
“My Courses” and “My Grades” which content is it that I can enroll, complete and get them visable under these menus?

I mean now that you are asking what I would like to see I do have a very clear vision in mind of what is missing on the market in terms of digital education in the area of Sports Science, Anatomy and Physiology.
I am missing a structured educational platform that has put a lot of work into building the areas of knowledge into logically divided knowledge islands. So that you could enroll in these courses and similar to participating in a University for education you get to learn the basics as well as details of endurance training and all the relevant areas around it.

I am thinking that the courses could be something like:
Introduction Courses

Advanced Course:

  • How to build a Annual Training Plan
  • How to identify the current performance and potential of an athlete
  • How to build structured workouts
  • How to build and how to not build Aerobic Workouts
  • How to build and how to not build Anaerobic Workouts
  • How to build and how to not build Threshold Workouts
  • How to analyse your athletes workouts and which conclusions to draw
  • How to adjust training plan and it’s workout based on indications and athletes status
  • How to design a long term training plan that has key workouts it it do be able to compare over time and identify development
  • How to identify sport specific capabilities needed and how to improve them
  • Understand how different workouts train different systems in your body, not just a aerobic and Anaerobic but if you are targeting to increase your LT1, your LT2, your Max Power Output, increasing your hemoglobin etc.

So basically what I am after is a digital university to become an endurance coach, enrolling in a payed program, graduate in areas, get certification and most importantly that the courses have a well thought through order and process that is logical and preferably that the content is in video format and visual.

Thats what I would love :smiley:


Thank you for your thoughtful response!

Fast Talk Labs is actually in the process of building something similar to what you are describing.

Our CEO Trevor Connor is spearheading this effort and collaborating with a working group of experienced coaches from each discipline of the sport.

One concept Trevor is developing is that each coaching certification level would proceed from undergrad to masters to doctorate equivalents.

I’m tagging @trevor who is spearheading that effort personally and also @griffinmcmath who leads our content development so that they can see your excellent wishlist.

Dave Trendler
Fast Talk Labs

Hi Fabian,

That’s great feedback! Thanks for sharing your thoughts. As Dave mentioned, we’re in the process of developing something along the lines of what you described. We actually have a meeting of our working group tomorrow and I intend to bring your feedback to that meeting. So, thank you again, it will help a lot.

Just one thing to be aware of - while we’ll be providing the full range of content on our website, the certifications will be through the National Governing bodies that we work with.


Hi Fabian!

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate you taking the time to share this - what type of online platform experience you’re looking for, what your goals are with this education, general areas that you’d need fulfilled, and specific topics and queries that would help you realize these goals in order to be a great endurance coach to future athletes.

In addition to Dave and Trevor’s response, I’ll pull together a list of content for some “instant gratification,” if you will, of some of those queries while these bigger programs are in development. I’ll reply here and tag you when that list is ready :smiling_face:

Have a great day!

Griffin McMath
Chief Content Officer
Fast Talk Labs

Hi guys!

Thank you for your comments and I am delighted to hear that you guys are working on this! I think. you have a great potential to elevate your knowledge and expertise which a great structure, video recordings in an intuitive and user-friendly e-learning platform.

It is great to have a lot of blog post for the readers who want to digest specific information, read regular new posts etc but for the dedicated coach or athlete who is aiming to learn the knowledge of the broader areas wants and needs to have that knowledge presented in a well-thought through process so that you have the basics and broader picture before you deep-dive as well as have the fundamental knowledge of things that are effecting each other.

I have participated in many e-learning platforms, some better than others. But I do like to idea of video format with different steps. On each step you have a transcript for those who prefer text. You also have a predefined chapters in the video so you easily can navigate to a relevant section of each step and video. Preferably you also have some sort of test/exercise that one can do after each video to verify that you got the main message and knowledge right.
Also good to have comment section on each video/chapter so that users can ask questions but also help each other.

I think it is great if the platform has a progress bar so that each step completed is automatically counted as a new step done out of x steps so you mentally feel like your making progress.

I would say that some of my suggestions to look at for inspiration are the Self-improvement coaches so e.g. Tony Robbins (he has several apps you can check out, Growthday with Brendon Burchard, Dynamic Cyclist is a great cycling service with multiple programs and a good process for completion of courses, programs etc.

Regarding areas I would like to have covered I have a ton of thoughts, feel like I am giving you a lot of free consulting hours here :smiley: here are some thoughts:

  • How to get to know your athlete and perform an evaluation and a conclusion of what to work on
  • Create an ATP
  • Basics of Anatomy
  • Basics of Physiology
  • Continuation of Anatomy
  • Continuation of Physiology
  • Advanced Anatomy
  • Advanced Physiology
  • Basics of which areas of you physiology you can train
  • Basics of which intervals setups there is and what to use them for
  • How to adjust intervals based on the athlete level
  • How to perform an analysis of your athletes workout and what to look for
  • How to set goals and how to diagnose progress related to these goals
  • Basics of nutrition
  • Continuation of nutrition
  • Advanced nutrition
  • How to use TSS to plan your workouts
  • How to include strength training
  • How to include mobility training
  • In the ocean of KPIs and Metrics which are the most important onces to follow and focus on to evaluate workouts and progress
  • How to identify sport specific capabilities needed and how to plan to develop them
  • Which are the most common misstakes done by coaches and athletes that leads to lack of progress or over training and how to avoid them
  • Why you should use physiology tests (Vo2 Max, Lactate Threshold, Wingate etc) to evaluate progress but also how to adapt training setup to work on weaknesses
  • What si the differences between coaching an elite athlete and an amateur athlete and how to behave differently as a coach

I would love to receive that list when you are done with it.

Worth mentioning is presenting myself and my profile. As in the sense that if you would be interested in hiring me as a consultant. You have got a small tast of how my thought process goes, my business development skills.
I have a long background in sales from the beginning but worked a lot of years with business development, product owner, data science team lead, Commercial Manager and lastly Chief Digital Officer.
So I do know a thing or two about business side of things with a clear focus on developing a service/product that utilises the latest technology and deliver great user-experience to meet the demands of todays digital society. So if you would be interested in having a discussion about this as well please let me know and we could have a video call.
Here is my Linkedin:

Wish you a great day!