Healthspan pathway?

Is there a Healthspan pathway? I don’t see one. If there isn’t, maybe there should be.

For some of us priorities (in order of importance) are

  1. healthspan
  2. being fast

E.g. I just do fondo / randonneur type events. The faster I am the more epic (and fun) events I can complete. That said, I’d rather have 2 more kilos of muscle and bet a bit slower on the climbs I love so much because muscle mass is important for healthspan.


I love this. There is not currently a Pathway like that, but it does underpin everything we do. If we’re healthy and can function well, we can achieve all the other things like being fast, improving competitively, etc. Thank you for the suggestion! I’m tagging @eklidbury on this one, too! :slightly_smiling_face: