Gloves, rain and cell phones

any tips on how to active the cell phone icons/screen while wet winter riding with gloves?

Also, tips on preventing cell phone water damage? I have the cell phone in the typical case, and use Quad Lock to keep it on the bike. Yesterday some rain got on it, and the water damage means a need to get a new one.

  • not a good idea to try to get an endurance ride in during a weatherman-suggested break in between atmospheric rivers.

HI Luis,

Having lived in the very wet Northwest, I can offer a few suggestions. Can’t help with using wet gloves on a screen, but in really rainy weather, put a second set of dry gloves in a plastic bag and put that in your pocket. When your first set gets too wet, switch gloves.

I’m sorry your phone was damaged. I have tried a bunch of different fancy waterproof cellphone cases and I still find that the best solution is a plastic zip lock bag. Used that for years before phones became “waterproof” and never had any problems. Sometimes old-school is best.

Hope that helps!

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I used to use really thin scuba gloves (and homemade scuba booties) when I was actually riding in anything. Even used them in a few really nasty spring gravel training sessions and events in Vermont. Doubt there will work on a screen though :crazy_face:

Yeah the ziplock bag, rip the minimum hole in back for quad lock mount, then tape bag to back of phone.

Castelli did some 3mm neoprene gloves for wet weather riding. Not sure if they still do them. Now that I ride a recumbent for my long rides I’m a big fan of shelled fibre pile for wet and / or cold winter rides of multiple hours. Despite not being waterproof they just work to keep your hands warm and surprisingly dry in prolonged wet conditions.

ridin’ in the rain…in the bag, thanks.

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