GI Issues duration and timing post-workout

I am working with someone who, on a few (not all) occasions has said they had GI issues - bloating, diarrhea, etc. - come on at some time after a hard workout session.

The things I find curious about the few episodes is that they both happened within the last 2 weeks (about a week apart), the issues do not manifest until hours after the workout, and in the (first) case about a little over a week ago the issues lasted for 4-5 days after.

Would typical GI issues from rides (maybe caused by dehydration or nutrition imbalance) last 4-5 days?

How long post-workout would GI issues symptoms come on to rule out it may have been caused by something going on in the workout and something else?

Could the second episode be related to not recovery fully from the first or some other medical factor given the duration and timing?