Garmin Connect IQ Apps (Webinar follow-up)

If you joined us for the webinar on Setting Up Your Cycling Computer, check out this thread to see what Coach @trevor likes to use on his Garmin, thanks to the Garmin Connect IQ Apps.

Please share any of your own, and we can come away with some great options to optimize those screen layouts!

Coach Ryan

Thanks for the reminder Ryan! I’ve attached screen shots of the apps I’ve installed on computer. I use a Garmin 1030 and also have a Garmin Fenix 5X watch. All of the apps work on the 1030 and a lot of them work on the Fenix. Here’s my list:

My Favorites/Must Have’s

  1. Climb Gauge
  2. Live-Peak Power / MMP Graph
  3. Heart Rate Zone Graph [hHRZone]
  4. Zone Bar
  5. PowerField
  6. Power graph
  7. MPA and Power - Xert

Others I Like

  1. What’s My FTP? - Xert
  2. BGinfo Zones + HR
  3. Power+
  4. SPH Graph - SPHGraWH (good for racing)
  5. BPM Zone
  6. BGinfo Zones + Power
  7. Race Notes

@trevor Thx!

Could you post photos of your actual screens showing how you incorporate these apps within a screen?


Would you be able to post some pix of how you deploy your Garmin IQ apps on your screens?


Hi @slauson, sorry I missed this. Are you just looking for pictures of my Garmin screens?

Thank you Coach @trevor!

Yes please, that would be perfect!

would you be able to post pictures of your screens?

Thank you.

Hi @slauson

Including @ryan in this one as well. Sorry to take so long. I was up in Canada for a month and I didn’t actually take my Garmin 1030. I was using my watch and frankly Zwift most of the time to record. So had to wait until I got back.

Here are all of the screens I use on my main profile. I started with my “home screen.” Then they are in order if you scroll right. i’ll point out a couple of the key things to notice:

Live data screen:

Lap page:

Summary Data/A few key bits of info I want to check periodically:

Power Data screen - some of the key power-related info I like to check periodically:

Live Power data:
I really like this screen. It shows a live power-duration curve and also a few key metrics about my pedaling. I was also using Xert’s MPA field, but it as expired:

My Most Commonly Used Screen
This is my workout screen. Sorry the photo is so bad. Notice a few things:

  • top row is the three key metrics I want to watch while working out
  • below that I have heatmaps for both heart rate and power - great to see the steadiness of interval work
  • on the heart rate graph, it shows my max heart rate that I achieved for the displayed period. This helps me for workouts where I give myself a heart rate I can’t exceed
  • notice that the power reading at the top left has a 30s average while the power reading by the graph does 10s averaging
  • the bottom left field I change a lot depending on the workout

Peak wattages for the ride and interval information:

Map screen

Elevation data

Hope that helps!


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Perfect. Thx @trevor

Hope that helps! I’m sure the screens can be improved on, but they’ve worked pretty well for me. You’ll have to let me know how you end up setting up your screens.