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Fast Talk Podcast is now on Patreon!

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Personally Ive been using your membership for this.

I will share however, a lot of content recently has pushed towards the coach and away for the athlete making me spend less time listening

Hi Ashley,

Thanks for the message and for being one of our first members! There’s a few people that we know have been with us and very active for a long time and you’re one of them. We really appreciate that. Please let me know if you have any more feedback or specific issues, I do want to hear it!

In the meantime what I can say is that yes, I have been making a conscious choice to talk to coaches on our episodes more. We’ve received a lot of feedback from coaches that they listen to our show and I want them to know we recognize them.

But what we also see is that 95% of the time athletes and coaches are interested in the same things. So, when Rob and I are picking topics, we rarely focus on whether it targets coaches or athletes. We look at what’s new in the research or trending online and base our subjects on what we think everyone is interested in. I may talk to coaches more, but the outline and what we’re covering really wouldn’t change if I was talking to coaches or athletes.

I’ll also admit that we do have some targeted shows - sometime targeting coaches, sometimes road cyclists, sometimes gravel riders, sometimes triathletes, sometimes Masters riders, and so on. But we’re not trying to tend in any one of those directions. We’re just trying to stay diverse.

But, as I said, please let me know some of the specific things that have been bothering you. I do want to hear!



Thanks for the update Trevor. I totally get it that most of your business model best supports coaches and it makes sense to align with them where possible.

Maybe more of the “it depends” use cases from both coach and athlete perspective. For instance i liked EP 250 because of the examples provided by the coaches which made something like season planning that I’m not as interested in seem more interesting… but I just couldn’t stick with episode 255 because it seemed to unrelated to me as an athlete (maybe if I got past halfway I’d feel different).


That helps! And very interesting that you bring up those two episodes. I was personally very excited about the goals episode. I’m a very goals-oriented individual and to have two experts like Neal and Joe talk about setting goals just felt like a winning episode from the start.

When we put the biopsychosocial episode (episode 250) on the calendar, I admit, I wasn’t fully clear what the episode was about. I actually had to do a lot of research leading into it to get myself up to speed.

But, we got a lot of feedback from coaches and athletes that they loved that one and wanted more of that psychosocial side.

I remember it being a clear lesson for me that our audience is not homogenous and every episode will have listeners who really enjoy it and listeners who will turn it off. Wish we could appeal to everyone with every episode, but I think that’s an impossible mission.

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