Fast Talk Episode 189: Bike Fit Methodology, with Dr. Andy Pruitt, Colby Pearce, and Todd Carver

I’m a little behind on my podcasts, so I just got to Episode 189 and it was full of valuable information. One thing that was pretty relevant to me was the discussion about indoor trainers being a fixed point and potentially magnifying biomechanical issues. This is something I’m dealing with. Because of my schedule, I spend a crazy amount of time on the trainer. In each of the last two years, I’ve accumulated 77% of my TSS (31k in 2021 and 35k in 2020) on the trainer. My total ride times are 560 hrs and 603 hrs, so bottom line a ton of trainer time.

I’ve really developed this twist in my hips and the trainer does not “sing” and does more of a whomp, whomp with an awkward pedal stroke. I’ve spent the better part of the off season focused on the musculature and trying to work on proper mechanics and strength through a better ROM. My question is, would a rocker plate help with this at all by adding in a bit of additional movement and taking away the fixed feeling or is that not enough movment?

i would think that a rocker is a bandage on the real issue.
Cycling in front of a mirror might help you understand where the “whom whom” (nice expression :)) is coming from. (the hip might be the issue, or the core stability, sadle height, arm movement, low cadence and probably 25000 other options :))

I’ve spent a ton of time with my fitter. That’s where I figured out it was my twisted hips. Also spent some time with a physical therapist and there is nothing physically wrong. It just seems to be some poor form/position from a previous fitter that I’ve engrained in my movement pattern over the last few years.

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Do you have one leg longer than the other or one foot longer than the other? That might be causing the twist assuming saddle straight, and bars straight and even etc. If the former then inserts or having one crank shorter than other or cleats at different positions can sort.

In my experience all cyclists have a tendency to twist around the axis of the seat tube as you are describing. Its part of being a vertebrate. The question is how much and is it causing pathology. Offsetting is a function of off-the-bike exercises, postural awareness, and dialing bike fit, in that order.

A rocker platform might help but rollers are better. Riding outside is best but of course may not be possible in all cases.

Thanks @colbypearce. I’d love to ride outside more, but because of my schedule, I am an o’dark thirty kind of person for my training. As for rollers, I’ve used them a bit before smart trainers became a thing, so they don’t scare me, but I do live in an apt and am running out of room. Also, as I hinted, I spend a TON of time on the trainer. I have issue doing 4- and 5-hour rides. The last 2 years, I’ve spent over 450 hours each year on the trainer. Do you feel that I would need to spend a ton of time on the rollers to get a benefit or could they be used for my active recovery days for more muscle memory kind of work?

Hi @ntnyln, I think Colby gave you the best advice (spelling mistake aside)… making sure you’re getting functional work in and potentially getting a bike fit to dial in your position are the best things you can do. You’ve already gone there, but the other thing I was going to recommend was to do some of your time on the rollers. Even a few hours per week with some dedicated neuromuscular work can make a difference from my experience.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Ok @trevor and @colbypearce, you convinced me. I ordered some rollers, and they should be here next week. It’s been a minute or two since I’ve used rollers, so it should be interesting getting back in the swing of things, but I’ll work on integrating them into the workouts.

Glad to hear it! Hope they treat you well

Happy New Year, let us know how you get on with them. If you have never ridden them before, putting them in a door frame is a good start, so your shoulders can lean against the frame at first. Or, a living room with lots of couches close and coffee tables far away…